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this is literally how we play dnd

this isn’t even a joke

if you play DnD and haven’t seen this video then you are missing out…if you have then here it is again for your viewing pleasure

if you don’t play dnd and want to, then here is just a taste of what you are in for!

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In fact, Swift not only writes and produces the majority of her own songs, she also decides each career step, from the music video directors to PR events, and acts as a CEO leading her brand. “If I am involved in all the steps I don’t have to deal with surprises. For me, creative work is a very structured process. I always have to be well prepared, otherwise is doesn’t work. We are currently planning the tour, the press days, the total concept with which I want to live the next two years. I’m damn proud of my work. That’s why I don’t care to know who calls me a remote-controlled pop starlet.” By Taylor Swift in Harper’s Bazaar Germany (a translation)

Just so you guys know, when quotes are translated from another language, it’s very hard to convey the exact verbiage of what you said in the interview. So, this is not the exact translation of what I said. Not that I don’t agree with the sentiment, it just wouldn’t be my exact wording.
Na mean?

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A guy who doesn't feel like doing his own research asks, what is gamergate? Give me the cliffnotes so I don't have to read a bunch of articles.


Cliffnotes are as follows:

1.  Ex-Boyfriend of Zoe Quinn releases massive blog post about Zoe cheating on him, emotionally abusing him and corruption in the game industry around her.  Drama confirmed as Zoe Quinn’s actions:

  • Got positive press and publicity for her game by people who she slept with.  Debatable on if they were just friends or lovers at the time.  Irrelevant, still unethical.
  • Slept with her boss.
  • Directed harassment toward TFYC program to get women into game design.  TFYC almost shut down because of harassment.
  • Blaming Wizard-Chan for harassing her.  This is proven false.

2.  Scandal is known as 5GuysBurgersandFries.  Discussion of this is censored across the board, across most websites.  4chan allows discussion, as do a couple other sites.

3.  Proto-Gamergaters raise and give 70k to TFYC so the game program gets funded.  TFYC allow /v/ to make a game character as a prize.  Vivian James is the result.

4.  5Guys scandal blows up.   More corruption sniffed out.  Devs and Journos funding one another through Patreon.  Female game journo gave positive press and reviews to person she slept with and lived with.

5.  Approximately a dozen pieces released across multiple sites, within 24 hours, declaring “Gamers Dead”.  Gamers revolt.  Gamergate tag becomes used.  Escapist Website changes policy, allows GG threads, seen as an ally toward Gamergate.

6.  GameJournoPros list is released.  Mass collusion confirmed.  Talk of bribes, setting narratives and donations to Zoe Quinn exposed.

7.  Gamergate starts emailing advertisers.  Intel and UAC pull out of Gamasutra.  Gamasutra freaks the fuck out.

8.  4chan bans all Gamergate discussion.  Evidence comes out that Moot may be influenced by Gawker or other sites.  Gamergate moves to 8chan.

9.  Brianna Wu harassed by 3rd party.  Blames it on Gamergate. Goes to mainstream media, promotes herself as a victim.  Shooting threat not related to Gamergate happens against Anita Sarkeesian, blamed on Gamergate.  MSM vilifies Gamergate.

10.  Mercedes pulls out of advertising with Gawker after one of their editors insults gamers.

11.  Here we are now.